NORML is doing a special event tomorrow, Saturday, November 16th., with tickets going for $25 online or $30 at the door.Norml women event

Well, more specifically the NORML Women’s Alliance is running things. They’re throwing the 1st California Women’s Cannabis Conference from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM in Wilton, CA.

If you haven’t heard of them before, the NORML Women’s Alliance  “is a nonpartisan coalition of socially and geographically diverse women who believe that marijuana prohibition is a self-destructive and hypocritical policy that undermines the American family, sends a mixed and false message to our young people, and destroys the cherished principles of personal liberty and local self-government.

The NORML Women are bringing a contemporary approach to the public policy debate, and are proudly representing the interests of modern, mainstream women who believe that the negative consequences of marijuana prohibition far outweigh any repercussions from marijuana consumption itself. The NORML Women’s Alliance also presents a core group of national spokeswomen ready to interact with the public and the media on the important issue of marijuana legalization.”

There’s a speaker list up for the event as well, though it’s marked tentative:

DeeDee Kirkwood – Creator of “Toke” the play and movie
Cannabis, families, CPS and the law – Jennifer Ani, esq
Lynette Davies – Crusaders for Patients Rights
Pam Martini – Know your rights
Sioux Colombe -Human solution
UFCW – Darren
Vicky Grow – Cannalibrium: Be the Light
Cannabis as alternative medicine, healing for the body, mind and soul
Dr, Lekisha Jenkins of Kionas Pharmacy pregnancy, children, post partum depression
Dr Crystal Spiller of Cool Medical Group – strokes #1 cause of death for women
Aundre Especial – Abatin Health wellness and how to medicate
Cheri Sicard on Cannasutra – sex and cannabis
Vienna Henry – menopause
Shelby Lucero – supplements, diet and nutrition
Barbara Tralle – healing with music and creativity
Seed to Stem-Cultivation-Harvest-Cooking:
Cheri Sicard, author “The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook”
Aunt Sandy from Oaksterdam University, author “Medical Marijuana Cookbook”
Shelby – Juicing it up!
Ellen Komp Cal Norml “History of Women using Cannabis medicinally”


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