Feminized Marijuana StrainsThe task of growing your own weed can be made a lot easier by opting for feminized seeds instead of your typical mixed bag. Feminized seeds – as the term suggests – are seeds that have been selected specifically for their female characteristics. These seeds do away with the time wasted growing males that you will probably end up getting rid of anyway. With feminized marijuana strains, you’re assured of growing only the most potent, bud-laden female plants in your grow space.

Right now, there are literally hundreds of feminized weed strains available on the market. How do you know which ones are the best? Here’s a sample of the top ten feminized strains you can buy today.

1. Royal Moby

This is a great choice for a first grow. A strong and robust plant with high yields, Royal Moby is just raring to go and produce some heavy buds. The end result is a feminized marijuana strain that is high in THC and has a very flavorful smoke.

2. Power Flower

With a lineage drawn from some of the most revered strains in Amsterdam, Flower Power is a high-yield variety that is suitable for indoor growing. Best suited for warmer climates, this strain can produce as much as 85 grams per plant.

3. Royal Caramel

Hugely popular in Spain from where it originates, Royal Caramel is an indica-dominant strain that delivers surprisingly good yields for its size. With a unique flavor and a totally relaxing stone, Royal Caramel is a must-try.

4. Northern Lights

You’ve never had Northern Lights this good! Now feminized, the legendary strain is now available in easy-to-grow seed form. If you have ever wanted the taste of a classic, this is the one you want!

5. Skunk

One of the most highly revered strains around, Skunk is a classic with a mellow flavor and intense high. Amazingly easy to grow, Skunk is definitely worth adding to your collection.

6. Fruit Spirit

As the name suggests, Fruit Spirit has a sweet, fruity flavor that will keep you coming back for more. With an enjoyable potent high, this is a great choice for first time growers due to its generous yield and easy care.

7. O.G. Kush

Still one of the most popular strains around, O.G. Kush is a classic that yields heavy clusters of potent buds. As an indica-dominant strain, this one produces a relaxingly deep body high that will mellow you out for rest and relaxation.

8. Amnesia Haze

Another intensely potent strain originating from Amsterdam, Amnesia Haze is surprisingly easy to grow indoors. With high yields and a great fruity flavor, this is one strain that you must have in your inventory.

9. White Widow

A hybrid comprised of a pure Brazilian sativa and an Indian indica, White Widow has become one of the most popular strains in the world. Amazingly low maintenance with a superb head high, White Widow makes for a great first grow!

10. Critical

Critical is everything a grower could want in a strain: high yield, low maintenance, and a potent high. If you want quality results fast, you can’t go wrong with Critical.


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