Smoking marijuana is not exactly difficult. You don’t need much to blaze up: just a smoking device, a light, and some good weed.

That being said, there are a some things that can make the process a lot more enjoyable and convenient. From advanced smoking devices to marijuana delivery services, here are some absolute essential that all marijuana smokers should know about.


digger one-hitter

If you have to invest in a one-hitter – and it is definitely a good idea to do so – it would be wise to get one with a dugout. For stealth smoking on-the-go, one-hitters just can’t be beat, and the dugout will give you a convenient place to store your bud.



RooR Bong

RooR BongBongs are always good to have around, and RooRs are simply the best. Practically works of art that can stand on their own merits, these bongs come in a variety of sizes. Regardless of which model you go for, you can be assured of a superb smoking experience.



Beeline Organic Hemp Wick

Beeline Organic Hemp Wick

If you don’t like inhaling butane fumes and flint along with your weed – and who does, really? – Beeline Organic Hemp Wicks are definitely worth having around. Natural, organic, and much better for the environment, these wicks can get you off lighters and matches forever.



RAW rolling papers (filtered)

RAW SkinsIf you have to choose rolling papers, make it RAW. These are some of the finest quality rolling papers you can get, and even the packaging is top-notch. In fact, you may want to splurge on the filters as well, and why not grab the rolling tray to complete the set?



Ozium Spray

ozium products

Forget the Febreeze: it just doesn’t work and makes your room smell like some kind of strange, chemically-laden weed smoke. Instead, get a can of Ozium and you will never have to worry about that weed smell again.




G-Pen Vaporizer

Pipes, bongs, and rolling papers are all excellent smoking implements, but if you are looking for a change, the G-Pen is well worth considering. Designed specifically for vaporizing wax, the G-Pen is a neat, simple, convenient, and very effective.



A Marijuana Delivery Service

marijuana delivery truck

This isn’t an item you could buy per se, but it is definitely handy to have around. A good weed delivery service is useful, convenient, and they usually have more variety than your typical dealer. The best ones even provide edibles, which is something that you can’t usually get down at the corner.



Volcano Vaporizer


Looking for the state-of-the-art in vaporizing technology? Volcanos are definitely it, and you may never want to try any other vaporizer ever again. They may seem overly complicated, but they are really quite simple in principle. Best of all, they are highly efficient, and can get you ripped on even a small amount of bud.



Stash Jar

Cannaline Stash Jars

If you are still storing your weed in baggies or Altoid tins, you definitely need to step up your game. A good stash jar made of glass will not only keep your weed fresh and tasting great; it will also make it look good as well. Humidity-controlling Boveda packs are another accessory worth checking out.




Cosmic Case Grinders

If you are truly serious about the quality of your bud and want to maximize its flavor and effects, a good grinder is essential. Don’t even bother with the plastic models; invest in a good quality stainless steel grinder and never have to break up your bud by hand again.



Check out some of the most useful accessories that most marijuana smokers don’t know about here.


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