Some stoners just do it bigger – and better. The Guinness Book of World Records may not tally many stoner accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t happened. Here are a few of the most significant world records in weed.

Biggest Joint

World's Biggest Joint

As usual, there’s nothing official in this category. But a joint confiscated by police last year may be the biggest on record.

The joint was rolled out of massive amounts of pot at a 4/20 rally in Santa Cruz, Cal. It weighed in at a whopping two pounds. Sadly, no one got to take a single toke: Cops seized the J because it broke the law, they said.

Medical weed is legal in California, but only in relatively small amounts. And federal law bans all weed; possession of two pounds would be a felony.

Most Pot Consumption

Irvin Rosenfeld

This award goes to Irvin Rosenfeld, and yes, it does appear in Guinness. Rosenfeld had toked more than 115,000 joints as of 2009, more than anyone else on record.

But there’s a lovely irony to the story: The federal government supplied all Rosenfeld’s weed. He’s part of an old program that gives poorly grown medical marijuana to a small group of patients around the country.

If anything, Rosenfeld is living proof of the safety and efficacy of cannabis. Despite all his smoking, he hasn’t come close to the amount needed to cause serious health problems.

Biggest Bust

Marijuana Leaves

Cops in Fresno County, Cal., netted more than 330,000 marijuana plants, worth about $1 billion, the biggest pot bust ever.

“Operation Save Our Sierra” resulted in more than a week and a half of searches and the arrests of 82 people linked to Mexican drug cartels.

“Fresno County is roughly the size of Connecticut, and the drug traffickers target these areas because they know there is not that significant of a law-enforcement presence,” Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said at the time. “The chances of getting caught are slim.”

Biggest Grow

World's Biggest Marijuana Grow

Three years ago, Mexican police busted a weed farm that may be the biggest ever discovered. Tens of thousands of plants were crowded into a 300-acre plot, some growing more than eight feet tall.

Police said the grow site would have produced about 120 tons of marijuana at the next harvest, a crop valued at about $160 million. That’s hardly the biggest number in the history of pot busts, but the field easily ranks as one of the biggest ever found, if not the biggest.

The farm was so big cultivators put up a massive black rectangular net to shield the plants from sky surveillance.

Strongest Strain

Bruce Banner #3

According to High Times, Bruce Banner #3 is currently the most potent marijuana strain available. A recent Colorado original, this strain topped out at more than 28 percent THC during the magazine’s Cannabis Cup contest in 2013.

It’s a hybrid strain, a mix of Kushman’s Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, and Ghost OG. It doesn’t rate as well as many other strains on review sites, but it sure packs a punch.

If you’ve smoked weed in your life (you have), you probably bought it from the marijuana black market. Even if you live in a place where pot is now legal, you definitely used to buy from a dealer.

Dealing with a dealer is not much different from dealing with anyone else. There are certain unspoken rules of etiquette that guide the transaction, and there are definitely some no-nos. The rules aren’t always obvious, though. So here are some of the dos and don’ts of working with your friendly neighborhood pot person.

DO: Pay on Time

crumpled money weed

It’s a bad idea, generally, to get into hock to a drug dealer of any kind, even an everyday weed provider. Always pay for your grass up front unless the circumstances prevent that – if you’re dealer’s going out of town, for example, and you agree to pay once they get back.

If your dealer does trust you enough to front you weed every now and then, be damned sure you don’t abuse the privilege. If you can’t cover the whole cost up front, get the money as soon as possible. And definitely don’t make a habit of buying dope on credit.

DON’T: Ask About Other Drugs

abusing heroin

Most cannabis dealers only sell pot, and most want to keep it that way. Asking about hard drugs puts your dealer in an impossible spot.

There are better ways to get cocaine or heroin or meth. And anyway, wouldn’t you rather just smoke more weed?

Your dealer may occasionally come across other drugs, such as shrooms or LSD. But if that’s ever the case, your dealer will let you know. Don’t bring it up yourself. Asking your dealer to score hard drugs for you is rude and dangerous for everyone involved.

DO: Be on Time

rolex weed watch

As a matter of self-protection, your dealer will often be late. This is especially true if you decide to buy in a public place – a parking lot, for example. It’s easy for cops to set up a sting in these places, so your dealer may want to scope out the scene first.

That doesn’t mean you should be late, though. If your dealer delivers, this isn’t a problem, but if you agree to meet, you should be punctual. It’s safer for you to sit around for a few extra minutes than it is for your dealer to wait for you while carrying cannabis.

DON’T: Ask Your Dealer to Toke

Smoking Marijuana

Your dealer may be a very cool person, but you probably aren’t anything like friends. This is a business, and your dealer probably sells to a lot of customers. Your buy is a transaction, and you should treat it that way.

If your dealer wants to chum around, they’ll let you know. Maybe you can share a joint while you do the deal. But don’t ask your provider into your home for more than a few minutes. They have work to do.

DO: Toke Up for Your Dealer

pipe and smoke

Your dealer may ask you to smoke in front of her at your first meeting to prove you’re not a cop. You must be willing to do this, or you may not get your weed.

Many people, especially in the marijuana community, believe cops are allowed to use drugs while undercover. This simply isn’t true: Police can’t break the law to enforce the law. There are still narcs who use, but if caught they could lose their jobs.

That makes this the only effective way to ensure neither party is a cop.

DON’T: Give Out Your Dealer’s Phone Number

Marijuana Leaves

This one could really get you in trouble. The last thing your dealer wants is to have her cell number passed around by a bunch of skeezy strangers.

If you know someone who needs a hookup, get the person’s details and give them to your dealer yourself. They’ll let your friend know if they want to do business.

Finding pot on the black market isn’t the easiest task in the world. You often have to know someone who knows someone, but no matter how you choose your dealer, guard the information carefully.

Blue Staellite

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Blue Satellite is a strong Sativa… the product of Blueberry Sativa and Shishkaberry. Its a psychoactive strain that will last all. day. long. Strong cerebral effects-euphoria, creativity, and stress relief make this the perfect strain to smoke and stay active. The THC content in Blue Satellite also helps with nausea, appetite loss, pain relief and glaucoma.

Blue Staellite

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A problem that many of us have faced when dealing with marijuana, especially with resins, oils, and extracts, is trying to get every last bit out of the container that it is stored in. This can pose a really big problem when you need to ensure that you get the most for your money and the NoGoo Non-Stick Containers attempt to solve this dire issue. Lets face it, this is a common dilemma that many of us have faced. With claims of amazement at their success and functionality, these storage containers have a lot of expectations to live up too.

Looks And Design

The NoGoo Non-Stick containers come in packs of five that offer an assortment of colors. They have a fairly simplistic design that boasts being made from 100% silicon and it is based upon this that they make their claims of being resistant to stickiness. Besides the different colors and the type of material that they are made of, there really is not much to the look and design of these sticky substance storage containers.


One of the best things about this product is that they are easily taken from place to place. The snug, secure fit, and specially designed lid ensures that it does not open in your pocket, which could result in some very smelly and sticky incidents. Furthermore, its claim of being non-stick also holds up really well. It was amazing at how simple and complete the removal of any form of marijuana placed within it came out. It lives up to its non-stick claim 100%.


With each kit containing five NoGoo Non-Stick containers for only $19.99 the price really isn’t too bad. That only comes out to $4.00 per container, well worth the investment to ensure that you get your moneys worth out of your wax. It is also very cost efficient for those people who have a variety of individual strains that they wish to store and color code each individual one.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a very solid product. It delivers on what it promises, comes in a variety of colors, and is easily transported from place to place. We also love the fact that the various colors allows for a great deal of organization when it comes to storing your sticky substances. A product as useful as this deserves nothing less than a 5/5 rating, so it is best to purchase these storage containers to avoid any incidents that may occur due to overly sticky substances.

It’s the best day of the week- Weed Wednesday!

Not to sound like a broken record, but this week’s featured strain is one we’ve mentioned in the past… The forever famous, Maui Waui. Originally from the Hawaiian Islands, this tropical sativa is the perfect choice for an afternoon at the beach. But hey, we’re not your mom- you can smoke wherever and whenever you please. Anyways… since Maui Waui made its way to the main land it has been crossed a lot, and with a few indicas. So chances are most of the stuff you find today will be more hybrid than true sativa. Don’t let that deter you though- its still a great strain that will give you a euphoric, energizing head high along with possible mental clarity. That hybrid side comes out with heavy use- you might get the munchies but you’ll likely be strapped to your couch! Its an amazing strain for medical marijuana use and can treat Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Migraines, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD.

maui waui

One of the most interesting things about the culture surrounding cannabis is the diversity of its users. All kinds of people use it- from CEOs to little old ladies that have smoked their whole lives to the teens that blaze after school..

But all these people face the same problem- weed that dries out or gets moldy in its container! There’s nothing worse than opening up your stash jar to find your buds have molded or that they’ve lost moisture and don’t weigh as much. We know, it blows, we’ve been there. Your days of storing your good good with an orange peel or slice of bread or some shit like that are over! We are giving out Boveda packs to 3 lucky winners this week!

The great thing about Boveda packs- dual moisture control. This patented technology has been used to regulate humidity for electronics, musical instruments, food, premium tobacco and now has an marijuana specific 62% RH formula. Boveda is a staple for any connoisseur- these babies unlock smell, color, flavor, texture, allows flowers to burn cooler and now you can experience cannabis like never before.

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Wednesdays wouldn’t be complete without a photodump: hot chicks, glass, and stoner humor for you!

Remember, you could be higher…

Have a great week Stoners!

  • Have you ever been so high you thought a frog was a nug?
    Have you ever been so high you thought a frog was a nug?
  • Hippies never really die.
    Hippies never really die.




The legal marijuana industry in America is less than two decades old, yet it’s already producing hundreds of millions of dollars in product each year and building a national network of entrepreneurs, regulators, and customers.

The market is poised to explode in coming years. Colorado and Washington already allow legal pot, while Oregon, Alaska, and the District of Columbia could join them in the fall. California could vote to legalize in 2016, as could a few other states.

Cannabis is a grassroots industry, no pun intended. It’s relatively democratic, and most people at the top started at the bottom.

But some figures in the industry have more influence than others. So here are the five most powerful players in the marijuana business community.

Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo owns what may be the world’s biggest pot shop, the Harborside Healthcare Center in Oakland. This medical marijuana dispensary is so big it’s driven DeAngelo into the center of most local debates about cannabis.

He’s also become a national spokesman of sorts, appearing frequently in the national media. Federal authorities are trying to shut him down, but city leaders are backing him in court. Few other names could draw that kind of community support.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong | Top 5 Celebrity Stoners 2013

Tommy Chong may be the unofficial mascot of the pot industry. And unlike other celebrity stoners, he’s actively taken part in the industry, selling bongs online until he was busted by an overzealous prosecutor.

Very few people represent weed in the way Chong does. Almost every character he’s ever played was a stoner, and he actively promotes pot in his personal life. He spent several months in jail for helping his son’s online bong business but still advocates for legalization.

Jane West

Jane West

Any list of influential figures in cannabis is bound to be overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly white. Chong’s father was Chinese, but most people in the industry are stereotypical white men.

That’s why Jane West’s work is so important. She’s been pushing to attract more women to weed businesses, founding a group called Women Grow that encourages female “potrepreneurs.” She lost her day job in the process, but she’s become a major player in the pot industry.

Dan Skye

dan skye

High Times is undoubtedly the single most influential player in the marijuana media. The magazine’s online and print articles drive business decisions across the industry, and it has long been one of the leading advocates for legalization.

Dan Skye is the magazine’s executive editor, and his position alone makes him one of the most important people in the marijuana industry. He oversees the largest publication about cannabis in the world, and he’s helped make it the most powerful voice in pot.

Keith Stroup

Keith Stroup

Keith Stroup founded the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in 1970. Today NORML is one of the biggest national organizations involved in the push for legalization.

Stroup, an attorney, is a mainstay of the cannabis industry. His work over the years has helped change laws across the country.

He was forced out of as NORML’s executive director in the late 1970s, after disclosing that Jimmy Carter’s drug adviser had snorted cocaine. But he was rehired in the 1990s, spent 10 more years at the helm, and remains a powerful figure in the reform movement.

We have 2 things to tell you.. Do you want the good news or the great news?!

Good news is, we’re reviewing an awesome strain today… Tangerine Dream.

Tangerine Dream-looks like it sounds like it smells. Did that make any sense? No? Yes? Good.

This G13 X A5 hybrid strain smells sweet and citrus-y. It’s buds are covered in orange hairs and trichomes and practically glows. Let’s just say its tangy and delicious, shall we? Tangerine Dream is pain relieving, energy increasing, uplifting, euphoric, relaxing awesomeness! It won’t leave you locked to your couch and will give you that mental clarity great for day time activities. It’s no wonder it took home the Cannabis Cup back in 2010! This one’s for you, working folks!

tangerine dream

Now for the great news!

We’re giving out ANOTHER 420 Science package! This bundle is pure Optical pleasure. We’ve got a cool “Film Canister” container and a 420 Scope for a lucky fan!

Not your grandma’s film canister, this one is made of black borosilicate glass with a 100% food grade silicone lid. Not only does it look sick as fuhhh… it’ll keep your goods fresh too! And that scope? I’m a little jealous we are giving this one away… I want to keep it for myself! It’s portable and powerful, up to 100X zoom! You’ll get to admire those trichomes up close!

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  • That's one BAKED POTATO.
    That’s one BAKED POTATO.
  • Smoke Me Out
    Smoke Me Out


Are you looking for a gift to make your favorite stoner smile? There are countless options, from the cheap to the costly, and it can be hard to choose. So here are a few ideas for some great gifts you may want to get for someone special in your life.


Marijuana ApparelThere’s a wide range of marijuana-themed apparel across the country. With everything from hats to leggings, cannabis clothing allows your gift’s recipient to proudly display her or his membership in the stoner community.

T-shirts are always popular, as are socks, belts, and other items. Whether it’s a shirt featuring Bob Marley or a pair of pants with a marijuana-leaf pattern, whatever you’re looking for should be affordable and easy to find.

A Tattoo

Do stoners have more tats than other people? Who knows? But prepaid ink could be the perfect idea. Even the simplest of tattoos can run more than $200, so this is a great way to help the recipient do something they’ve always wanted to do.


Cannabis supplies make a stellar gift for the stoner you care about. Grinders, vapes, bongs and pipes – they all work. What about a nice scale? Or incense to clear the smell out of a room? Give something your favorite toker can use every day.


There is no easier way to a stoner’s heart than to supply him or her with raw, dried, smokable pot. Any adult in Washington State and Colorado can legally give up to an ounce to another person. If you live somewhere else, you may have to cozy up to the medical or black markets. But let’s not kid ourselves: If you’re planning to give stoner gifts, you’re probably a stoner yourself, and you also probably know how to get weed without hassle.


Marijuana edibles are another gift any toker would love – especially if they’ve never tried it. With everything from chocolate bars and brownies to tea and soda, it should be easy to find something that goes over well.


Marijuana AshtrayWhether it’s a locally blown glass ornament or a beautiful carved ashtray, stoner memorabilia and knick-knacks will make your recipient feel more comfortable at home. And isn’t comfort what weed is all about?


Almost any book about cannabis makes a good gift. A grow guide, a history of the plant, weed fiction – anything that mixes narrative and pot. Reading while high isn’t always an easy task, but a good book on marijuana will get your friend or loved one plenty to think about.


Earlier this year, The New York Times ran a groundbreaking editorial series supporting the legalization of marijuana. Now another national newspaper has chimed in on the subject – though it’s taken the opposite position.

Marijuana VotingThe Washington Post wrote in September that voters in the District of Columbia should vote against an effort to legalize pot in the city. “D.C. voters should reject the rush to legalize marijuana” was the headline.

Editors at the Post wrote that they don’t oppose reform, and noted the paper backed a successful campaign to remove criminal penalties for small amounts of weed. That measure didn’t legalize the sale or cultivation of cannabis.

But the tone of the editorial was decidedly anti-marijuana. The drug is dangerous, editors said, and we don’t know enough about it.

The last part of that argument may be partly true, but we’ve known for a very long time that marijuana is among the safest recreational substances, if not the safest. Unlike cocaine, heroin, and even caffeine, weed has never killed anybody.

“Marijuana, as proponents of legalization argue, may or may not be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco, both legal, but it is not harmless,” the paper wrote. “Questions exist, so it would be prudent for the District not to make a change that could well prove to be misguided until more is known. Foremost here are the experiences and lessons learned by states that have opted for legalization.”

The District Council voted to decriminalize marijuana earlier this year, and the policy went into effect in July.

Some federal lawmakers have threatened to intervene and recriminalize pot. House Republicans voted to block the new policy, but it’s unlikely either the Senate or the White House would let that happen.

In November voters will choose whether to go one step further and legalize a regulated weed industry in the District. The proposal has widespread support and is likely to pass.

It’s also a direct challenge to federal law, which bans all cannabis. The District already has medical marijuana, and the feds haven’t tried to stop it. But full legalization could prove more problematic.

The District is a home rule city, meaning it controls its own local policies. But Congress can always intervene because D.C. is a federal district, not a state. It has no voting member of Congress and no electoral votes in presidential elections.

That means Congress can prevent many policies approved by city leaders or voters. Opposition is strong among congressional Republicans, but even if they retake the Senate, they probably won’t be able to stop decriminalization. Legalization could be a different matter.

Girl Smoking MarijuanaIf voters legalize weed, adults over 21 would be able to buy, possess, and use up to two ounces of weed. They could grow up to six plants at home. The measure wouldn’t protect sellers, but supporters expect the council will deal with that issue.

The Post’s editorial falls for many of the dumbest myths surrounding marijuana: that it’s supposedly dangerous, that it’s a gateway drug (a proven falsehood), and that it negatively warps the minds of young people. The Post’s editors want to have it both ways: On the one hand, they say more research is needed. On the other, they’re happy to declare that cannabis is hazardous, based on little to no evidence.

Marijuana isn’t your grandkids’ drug anymore. One of the early titans of the cannabis industry in America has officially reached middle age.

High TimesHigh Times, the largest cannabis trade publication in the world, hit its 40th birthday this year. It’s a mainstay of the pot scene, but it’s also one of the most successful magazines in America. At a time when publications are folding left and right, that’s saying something.

“So many magazines have gone under, literally thousands of magazines have gone under, and we are thriving,” said editorial director Dan Skye. “It took a long time to get to the kind of recognition that we’re getting right now.”

The magazine was born in 1974 when a rebel humor publication proved popular with stoners. Today it’s one of the biggest sources of marijuana-related news in the world.

“The fact is, High Times has always been an outlaw magazine, and we’re by necessity a political magazine, because we are challenging the government’s position on cannabis,” Skye said.

At 40, the magazine is must reading for any serious stoner and for anyone in the weed industry. And business is booming.

The magazine started this year with 120 pages per edition, and now it’s up to 156 pages, an uptick driven by an increase in ad buys, Skye said. Most publishers are happy to get a “pass-around rate” of two or three to one, while High Times has a rate of five to one.

“That means for every one issue, five pairs of eyes are seeing this,” Skye said. “So we have tremendous reach now.”

High Times is also very popular online, where its website attracted a record 5 million unique visitors in June. Its Facebook page has picked up nearly 4 million “likes.”

“The cannabis industry is coming to us in full force, advertising in our magazine because they know of our clout,” Skye said.

The magazine’s success comes amid a growing push to end cannabis prohibition. Two states have legalized the drug and another 21 allow medical weed. Sixteen states have removed criminal penalties for pot possession without fully legalizing the drug.

Even the federal government is showing signs of reform. To meet the growing demands of researchers, the DEA has announced it will expand the country’s only supply of marijuana for scientific studies.

growing_marijuana_plantsAnd the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the anti-drug office that controls access to that supply, has begun slowly opening doors to new research. The agency has long been accused of blocking studies that might uncover beneficial aspects of weed.

Through all that, marijuana has become one of the biggest news stories in America. Not a day goes by when the mainstream media doesn’t mention some new development in politics or the industry. But nobody brings as much knowledge, history, and expertise to the subject as High Times.

“It’s always so funny when people find out High Times has been around for 40 years,” Skye said. “And people who are just beginning to find out about cannabis . . . they’re absolutely blown away that a magazine has been doing this, all these years.”

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