Crazy how fast this year has flown by! As this year is coming to a close, we’re planning some great things for the new year! Stoner Things is going all in on a YouTube channel- starting in January, we will be posting up tons new videos of product reviews, giveaways and much more…. obviously featuring hot ladies and weed. Get excited! It’s gonna be GOOD.

Last week for #WeedWednesday, we gave out an Incredibowl m420… and this week we are giving away a 10″ Graffix Gripper! Just in time for all those holiday parties you’re going to!

The great thing about Graffix is how portable every piece is. Graffix makes a variety of acrylic water pipes- leave your beloved glass at home and bring along a much more durable acrylic version! You can pass the Gripper around at parties and not worry about the clutz of the group shattering it.

“The Graffix Gripper has been designed to be the perfect fit. With a slant neck, finger grips, and custom mouth shape this piece is made for gripping and ripping.”

**Downstem and bowl included.blackberry-kush

Now, for a strain review. This week, the featured strain is Blackberry Kush. Blackberry Kush is a mix of Afghani and Blackberry, making it a strong indica, with long lasting body effects. The buds are dark purple with orange hairs. Blackberry Kush is a great pain relieving, night time strain.

Here’s how to win the Gripper- head over to the Facebook Page, find the #WeedWednesday post, and leave us a comment! That’s it! You’ve got enough complicated things in your life- entering a contest shouldn’t be one of them!

That’s it for this post, stoners! Have a great week, check out this photodump and remember… you could be higher.

Babes, bongs, blunts, bud, check it out.

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    this little guy’s expression is killing me.
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    brb, I’ll be in Weed



Smoking weed is a pretty easy job, all things considered. All you need to do is burn the stuff and inhale the smoke. Any idiot can figure out how to do that with minimal supplies.

But being a real stoner means a deeper, and slightly more expensive, dedication to the drug. A hand-rolled joint is great – and cheap. But sometimes you need something more elaborate – a good glass bong or pipe, maybe. There are other must-have accessories, too.

So here, in no particular order, are the most important things you need to toke in style. You can always go for more – a good vaporizer, an oil rig, etc. But this list will give you the basics.

Rolling Papers

weed and papers

Papers come in a wide variety of sizes and, best of all, they only cost a few bucks per pack. And depending on how much you toke, a few bucks could last you a long time.

Learning how to roll a J can take some practice, but it’s pretty easy. You just put the weed (you have weed, right?) in the crease of a rolling paper, then rub the two halves of the paper together until the pot forms a tight cylinder shape. Lick the strip and seal.

Rolling Tray


Elements and Raw are among the best providers of good rolling trays. This isn’t a necessary tool, but it sure will make your life easier.

No more scraping pot from a table or countertop. No more spilling on the floor. No more scooping cannabis from a zip-lock baggie. Now you have a place to hold your ground weed, and a handy lap-top surface for rolling.

A Lighter

Zippo Lighter

OK, this is the kind of thing everybody knows. Sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got: a grill lighter, matches, a gas range, anything that produces a manageable flame. We don’t recommend using a pilot light, unless you want to get your head stuck behind the refrigerator, but do what you have to do.

For some jobs, such as heating the nail in a hash oil rig, you’ll need a high-powered butane torch, not just a Bic or Zippo. You can find torches at most head shops, along with compressed butane for refills.

A Grinder

Four Piece Grinder

Depending on how much weed you have, you can often use an electric coffee grinder to chop up your product. You’ll get a nice, fine grind, though you’ll also have to scrape all the dope out of the grinder when you’re done.

But often it’s best to grind by hand. You’ll get a coarser result, but that’s often better for rolling joints or packing bowls. There are tons of great grinders, but look for a four-piece set.

These grinders come in three levels with four pieces. The top level, covered by the cap, is where the weed is ground. You simply rotate the cap with the marijuana inside until you get a fairly fine consistency.

The next level, which has a screen at the bottom, holds the ground pot after it falls through holes in the grinder. And the final level, at the bottom, catches the residue that falls through the screen – a good source of kief.

**Pro tip- put a penny, or something like it, on top of the screen to increase your kief!

A Spoon Pipe

Spoon Pipe

A simple bowl is a must-have for any stoner. Glass is preferable, though metal and even wood work fine. As with everything you smoke, avoid anything containing plastic.

You can DIY without a lot of trouble. Whatever you use (food, wood, etc.), simply follow the shape of a standard spoon bowl, carve a hole from the end of the stem through the bottom of the bowl. Then carve another hole from the bottom of the bowl into the first hole. Finally, carve a carb hole on the side of the bowl that connects to the first hole.

A Glass Bong

Medicali Stubby Wagon Wheel

This is the crowning possession of many potheads. A fine glass bong , like the Medicali Stubby Wagon Wheel, provides a smooth, potent smoke, and besides, they just look awesome. Nothing says “stoner” like a spendy, pretty, quality water pipe.

If you can’t afford the real thing, you can get some of the same effects from a smaller plastic bong – as long as it has a glass or metal bowl. But nothing can cut it quite like a top-notch glass bong.


Stoners have one big holiday every year: April 20, aka 4/20. But there are plenty of other events, year-round, that are ideal for the adventurous. So here are five of the biggest cannabis competitions, festivals, and parties, from January to December each year.

Make sure you pack what you need, meaning weed and a way to smoke it. You’ll find plenty for sale at many of these events, and lots of samples, but it’s wise to bring your own anyway – unless it’s forbidden.

High Times Cannabis Cup

Cannabis CupThis world-famous contest takes place five or six times a year, in six different cities: Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, and Clio, Mich.

Winning the Cannabis Cup at any of these events can catapult a strain and its growers into national stoner fame. The next contest and marijuana expo will take place in Amsterdam in late November, its 27th appearance in that city.

The events in California and Michigan are open to medical marijuana patients only, while the events in Washington, Colorado, and Holland are open to all adults.

4/20 in Denver

denver 420 celebrationIf April 20 is a stoner’s holiday across the United States, in Colorado it’s a full-blown extravaganza. Tens of thousands of revelers gather in a city park to spark up at the crack of 4:20 p.m. and celebrate their infant freedom.

This year the party coincided with Denver’s fourth annual Cannabis Cup, so the city was hit with a double whammy. Police started cracking down, especially on partygoers who give pot to minors.

“I got calls to my office last year about people falling onto Colfax [Avenue] while leaving this event,” said Denver City Council Member Charlie Brown. “They were so stoned they couldn’t walk.”

Not that we would ever encourage anyone to block traffic or risk a stampede, but . . . awesome.


Seattle HempfestSeattle’s annual HempFest is one of the largest marijuana festivals in the world. It’s held in August, so you’ll have to wait until next year if you missed it.

This outdoor party started in 1991, when it was known as the Washington Hemp Expo. Just 500 stoners showed up for the first festival, and 20 volunteers staffed the event. This year, more than 200,000 people came.

The festival has grown from a small gathering of neo-hippies into a massive, professional event that draws stoners from all over the country.

Hash Bash

Ann Arbor Hash BashAnn Arbor’s yearly Hash Bash has been celebrating marijuana and our right to use it since 1971, back when pot was really illegal. This city is one of the most liberal in America, so “laid back” is the order of the day.

There’s just one problem: Hash Bash is held at the University of Michigan, and the school prohibits pot on its campus (the rest of Ann Arbor is very decriminalized).

Not that that’s ever stopped anyone.

Marijuana Business Conference & Expo

File photo of a medical marijuana starter plantThe entrepreneur-oriented Marijuana Business Conference & Expo bills itself as the largest marijuana business convention in the country. More than 1,000 professionals and investors come to the Las Vegas conference in November from more than 30 states and 10 countries.

Dozens of speakers and hundreds of exhibits will be available during the three-day event, and networking opportunities abound. There will be nearly 30 new classes, a “marijuana business crash course,” and a networking breakfast focusing on women-owned businesses.

Every Wednesday here at Stoner Things we give away an awesome prize and write up a quick strain review. This week the featured strain is Grand Daddy Purp… WAX. If you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe just in a remote, Amazonian village for the last year or so and you haven’t heard of wax/THC concentrates.. This just might blow your mind.

Grand Daddy Purp is known for being good shit- now put that into a concentrated, amplified form and … well.. use your imagination!

“It’s like …. the same… but on steroids.”

Wax, shatter, oil, budder- THC concentrates- are a much more potent form of dry marijuana. More on concentrates and dabbing here. Since concentrates are made using the actual buds, the genetics are the same. Grand Daddy Purp is a cross from Big Bud and Purple Urkle- making this Indica a top shelf medication. As with most Indica strains, GDP will leave you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and probably locked to your couch. Perfect for night time use- and insomnia or stress relief.Grandaddy Purple Wax

This week we are giving away an Incredibowl m420. For those of you that don’t know or aren’t familiar with the Incredibowl products… The m420 is just the mini version of the i420. Check out the official Stoner Things i420 review here. Made with durable, shatter proof polycarbonate, has an anodized aluminum carb system and it fits in the palm of your hand- it’s perfect for smoking with a group or on the go. The Incredibowl m420 is an awesome product, and we can’t wait to give one away!

So… here’s how to win. Head to the Stoner Thing’s Facebook page, and find the #WeedWednesday post. Once you’re there, all you have to do is COMMENT on the post- and you’re entered to win! Don’t have a Facebook? No worries, just leave us a comment below! That’s it!

Remember… You could be higher!

Till next time… here’s a photodump for your viewing pleasure- bongs, babes, and bud!

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    When the weed hits you…

Hash oil is all the rage these days. It’s super-potent, the high lasts for hours, and it costs less over the long run.

But hash oil (aka honey oil, wax, dabs, etc.) can be hard to come by, at least outside of Washington, Colorado, and California, where it’s easy to buy. And making it can be dangerous.

Hash oil extractionThankfully, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Not all methods of making hash oil are equally hazardous.

The most popular approach right now is called butane hash oil (bho) extraction. Compressed butane is used as a solvent to separate THC resin from dried marijuana. The butane is then boiled off.

This process can be life-threatening, since butane is not only highly flammable but explosive. BHO makers have been known to blow their houses up, a problem that has led to several deaths across the country.

There are two dangers with bho. First, making it inside can easily lead to explosion because homes may contain overlooked ignition sources, such as pilot lights and electric fan motors. Plus, there’s little ventilation, so the butane builds up in the air until it escapes through a window or ignites.

But there are safer ways to make hash oil. The key difference is in the solvent – in this case, alcohol instead of butane. This method is known as iso, as it uses isopropyl alcohol.

It isn’t perfectly safe. High-proof alcohol is also very flammable, as are its fumes. Putting it anywhere near an open flame is a very bad idea. Still, it’s much safer than bho.

Hash OilHow does it work? First, dried pot is “washed” in a Mason jar. Use at least a quarter ounce. Give the weed a fine grind, but don’t grind it to powder. Now put it in the jar. Pour isopropyl alcohol into the jar until the cannabis is completely submerged.

Ideally, you should use 99 percent alcohol, though 91 percent will suffice. Find it at your local drug store. It’s possible to make hash oil using weaker stuff, but the end result won’t be very good, and you’ll waste a lot of time trying to boil off the extra water.

It’s also possible to use Everclear or other high-proof drinking alcohol (ethanol), but the stronger it is, the better.

Once the weed is submerged, seal the jar and shake it for 30 seconds or so. Do it more than a minute and you’ll get chlorophyll in your hash oil. You don’t want to smoke that.

Now, pour the marijuana-alcohol mix through a filter attached to the top of a second jar. Simply take a coffee filter or cheese cloth, place it over the mouth of the jar, create a depression in the filter so liquid doesn’t spill over the top, and screw the open lid back in place.

When all the liquid has passed through the filter, wrap the wet weed in the filter and squeeze so the remaining mixture drains into the second jar.

If you like, you can give the weed a second or even third wash. You’ll get more product this way, and you’ll ultimately get more THC, too.

Once you’ve got a green, strained liquid, pour it into the bottom of a square or rectangular Pyrex container. You can use a circular container, but you’ll have a harder time scraping oil.

Next, it’s time to boil off the alcohol. This is the most hazardous part of the process, so be very careful. If you have an electric stove, you can use a double boiler or make one yourself.

Simply boil a pot of water on the electric range (or hot plate). Then put the Pyrex container on top of the boiling pot. Do not do this on a gas range. You shouldn’t bring high-proof alcohol within spitting distance of any open flame (including candles and lighters). The fumes are liable to ignite and set the remaining alcohol aflame.

Alternatively, you could use a hot water bath to boil off the alcohol. Boil water and put it in a larger Pyrex dish. Then float the smaller dish on the water inside the larger one. Replace with boiling water every 10 minutes or so.

Boiling should take about an hour. Make sure you get rid of all liquid so you end up with a gold or dark brown oil on the bottom of the container.

Hash Oil RigNow use a razor blade or credit card to scrape all the oil from the bottom. Put it on parchment paper to cool, and then put it in a small bottle or medicine vial. A non-stick vial from your local head shop will work nicely.

Finally, the best part: Smoke a small dab of oil. You can use a glass hash oil rig to do this, but that’s fairly expensive. For a toking method that’s (almost) as effective, touch a dab to the cherry of your weed while smoking a bowl. Make sure you suck in every last whiff of smoke so you don’t waste any.

Or, if you’re in the mood for something a little more elaborate, you could use the “hot knife” method. First, cut the bottom half off a 2-liter soda bottle. Next, heat up a knife by putting it on top of an electric burner. Put a dab on the blade of another knife and hold that under the bottle. And then press the hot knife against the other knife and inhale the resulting puff of smoke through the top of the bottle.


Introducing the brand new Glass-on-Glass nail and dabber set: Dab Vac by Headdies Glass.

We first came across the Headdies Dab Vac at the CHAMPS trade show in Denver last month. While this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this type of setup (we recently pick up a gas pump rig), we instantly noticed some differences that we thought set the Dab Vac apart.

Purchase the Dab Vac Here

For anyone who hasn’t tried this glass-on-glass dab rig before I would highly suggest you pick one up. Utilizing the wand as your heating source allows for 2 key improvements over the traditional domeless titanium nail and dabber.

  1. You have better control over the size of your dab;
    Gone are the days of trying to eyeball the size of your dabs. When you use the glass wand as the heating source you can control the size of your hit by the amount of time you hold your wand to the product. It is easy to take either a monster rip or baby dab.
  2. There is less waste;
    Building upon using the wand as your heating element allows for less product waste. The built in glass dish holds your concentrates, and since you never heat the dish there is zero burn off from residual product left on the nail.

**Disclaimer: Some people online say they have a issue with their product being sucked into the silicon tubing. I have experienced this at first when I received my gas pump; but as long as you provide a slow steady air flow this isn’t an issue.**


Headdies Dab Vac VS. Gas Pump

Deep Glass Dish
Deep Glass Dish

First thing I noticed was the deep glass dish. With the gas pump rig I’ve encountered issues with the wax melting over the side of the plate. That is not in issue with the Dab Vac. The dish which is positioned on-top of the joint has a huge lip which can easily hold a few grams with no issues.

Second, I think the glass wand attachment on the Headdies piece is a step up from the gas pump. While the gas pump does come with an built in wand holder (which is our complaint on the Dab Vac), the attachment holder seems flimsy. The wand on the Headdies Dab Vac is a quartz wand, around 1 cm in diameter. My piece has had a few dings onto a hard granite counter top with no breakage.


The Bad about the Dab Vac

The only criticism I have of the Dab Vac is there is no place to rest your wand. Depending on the type of water pipe you are using you might be able to squeeze the silicon tubing in between the pipe and the attachment. Or as one YouTuber did, drop the wand down into the mouthpiece, otherwise you are forced to use a mat to rest the wand.

Purchase the Dab Vac Here

Headdeis Dab Vac Pricing

When you consider a domeless nail and dabber will run you between $50-90; the Headdies Dab Vac is an extremely affordable rig with a MSRP of $70. Available in 4 size combinations the Dab Vac can be purchased here.
Headdies Dab Vac Review by Stoner Things

Some stoners just do it bigger – and better. The Guinness Book of World Records may not tally many stoner accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t happened. Here are a few of the most significant world records in weed.

Biggest Joint

World's Biggest Joint

As usual, there’s nothing official in this category. But a joint confiscated by police last year may be the biggest on record.

The joint was rolled out of massive amounts of pot at a 4/20 rally in Santa Cruz, Cal. It weighed in at a whopping two pounds. Sadly, no one got to take a single toke: Cops seized the J because it broke the law, they said.

Medical weed is legal in California, but only in relatively small amounts. And federal law bans all weed; possession of two pounds would be a felony.

Most Pot Consumption

Irvin Rosenfeld

This award goes to Irvin Rosenfeld, and yes, it does appear in Guinness. Rosenfeld had toked more than 115,000 joints as of 2009, more than anyone else on record.

But there’s a lovely irony to the story: The federal government supplied all Rosenfeld’s weed. He’s part of an old program that gives poorly grown medical marijuana to a small group of patients around the country.

If anything, Rosenfeld is living proof of the safety and efficacy of cannabis. Despite all his smoking, he hasn’t come close to the amount needed to cause serious health problems.

Biggest Bust

Marijuana Leaves

Cops in Fresno County, Cal., netted more than 330,000 marijuana plants, worth about $1 billion, the biggest pot bust ever.

“Operation Save Our Sierra” resulted in more than a week and a half of searches and the arrests of 82 people linked to Mexican drug cartels.

“Fresno County is roughly the size of Connecticut, and the drug traffickers target these areas because they know there is not that significant of a law-enforcement presence,” Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims said at the time. “The chances of getting caught are slim.”

Biggest Grow

World's Biggest Marijuana Grow

Three years ago, Mexican police busted a weed farm that may be the biggest ever discovered. Tens of thousands of plants were crowded into a 300-acre plot, some growing more than eight feet tall.

Police said the grow site would have produced about 120 tons of marijuana at the next harvest, a crop valued at about $160 million. That’s hardly the biggest number in the history of pot busts, but the field easily ranks as one of the biggest ever found, if not the biggest.

The farm was so big cultivators put up a massive black rectangular net to shield the plants from sky surveillance.

Strongest Strain

Bruce Banner #3

According to High Times, Bruce Banner #3 is currently the most potent marijuana strain available. A recent Colorado original, this strain topped out at more than 28 percent THC during the magazine’s Cannabis Cup contest in 2013.

It’s a hybrid strain, a mix of Kushman’s Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel, and Ghost OG. It doesn’t rate as well as many other strains on review sites, but it sure packs a punch.

If you’ve smoked weed in your life (you have), you probably bought it from the marijuana black market. Even if you live in a place where pot is now legal, you definitely used to buy from a dealer.

Dealing with a dealer is not much different from dealing with anyone else. There are certain unspoken rules of etiquette that guide the transaction, and there are definitely some no-nos. The rules aren’t always obvious, though. So here are some of the dos and don’ts of working with your friendly neighborhood pot person.

DO: Pay on Time

crumpled money weed

It’s a bad idea, generally, to get into hock to a drug dealer of any kind, even an everyday weed provider. Always pay for your grass up front unless the circumstances prevent that – if you’re dealer’s going out of town, for example, and you agree to pay once they get back.

If your dealer does trust you enough to front you weed every now and then, be damned sure you don’t abuse the privilege. If you can’t cover the whole cost up front, get the money as soon as possible. And definitely don’t make a habit of buying dope on credit.

DON’T: Ask About Other Drugs

abusing heroin

Most cannabis dealers only sell pot, and most want to keep it that way. Asking about hard drugs puts your dealer in an impossible spot.

There are better ways to get cocaine or heroin or meth. And anyway, wouldn’t you rather just smoke more weed?

Your dealer may occasionally come across other drugs, such as shrooms or LSD. But if that’s ever the case, your dealer will let you know. Don’t bring it up yourself. Asking your dealer to score hard drugs for you is rude and dangerous for everyone involved.

DO: Be on Time

rolex weed watch

As a matter of self-protection, your dealer will often be late. This is especially true if you decide to buy in a public place – a parking lot, for example. It’s easy for cops to set up a sting in these places, so your dealer may want to scope out the scene first.

That doesn’t mean you should be late, though. If your dealer delivers, this isn’t a problem, but if you agree to meet, you should be punctual. It’s safer for you to sit around for a few extra minutes than it is for your dealer to wait for you while carrying cannabis.

DON’T: Ask Your Dealer to Toke

Smoking Marijuana

Your dealer may be a very cool person, but you probably aren’t anything like friends. This is a business, and your dealer probably sells to a lot of customers. Your buy is a transaction, and you should treat it that way.

If your dealer wants to chum around, they’ll let you know. Maybe you can share a joint while you do the deal. But don’t ask your provider into your home for more than a few minutes. They have work to do.

DO: Toke Up for Your Dealer

pipe and smoke

Your dealer may ask you to smoke in front of her at your first meeting to prove you’re not a cop. You must be willing to do this, or you may not get your weed.

Many people, especially in the marijuana community, believe cops are allowed to use drugs while undercover. This simply isn’t true: Police can’t break the law to enforce the law. There are still narcs who use, but if caught they could lose their jobs.

That makes this the only effective way to ensure neither party is a cop.

DON’T: Give Out Your Dealer’s Phone Number

Marijuana Leaves

This one could really get you in trouble. The last thing your dealer wants is to have her cell number passed around by a bunch of skeezy strangers.

If you know someone who needs a hookup, get the person’s details and give them to your dealer yourself. They’ll let your friend know if they want to do business.

Finding pot on the black market isn’t the easiest task in the world. You often have to know someone who knows someone, but no matter how you choose your dealer, guard the information carefully.

Blue Staellite

The best thing about Wednesday? Giving out free stuff!!

This week, we are giving away a Yo Dabba Dabba nail to a lucky dabber! Yep. you read that right.

Ok, ok, calm down and read this strain review!

Blue Satellite is a strong Sativa… the product of Blueberry Sativa and Shishkaberry. Its a psychoactive strain that will last all. day. long. Strong cerebral effects-euphoria, creativity, and stress relief make this the perfect strain to smoke and stay active. The THC content in Blue Satellite also helps with nausea, appetite loss, pain relief and glaucoma.

Blue Staellite

Damn, that nug looks outta this world. Ha!

In order to win that nail all you gotta do is head over to the Stoner Things Facebook page and comment on the contest post! Its really that simple. Or comment below!

Remember, you could be higher.

A problem that many of us have faced when dealing with marijuana, especially with resins, oils, and extracts, is trying to get every last bit out of the container that it is stored in. This can pose a really big problem when you need to ensure that you get the most for your money and the NoGoo Non-Stick Containers attempt to solve this dire issue. Lets face it, this is a common dilemma that many of us have faced. With claims of amazement at their success and functionality, these storage containers have a lot of expectations to live up too.

Looks And Design

The NoGoo Non-Stick containers come in packs of five that offer an assortment of colors. They have a fairly simplistic design that boasts being made from 100% silicon and it is based upon this that they make their claims of being resistant to stickiness. Besides the different colors and the type of material that they are made of, there really is not much to the look and design of these sticky substance storage containers.


One of the best things about this product is that they are easily taken from place to place. The snug, secure fit, and specially designed lid ensures that it does not open in your pocket, which could result in some very smelly and sticky incidents. Furthermore, its claim of being non-stick also holds up really well. It was amazing at how simple and complete the removal of any form of marijuana placed within it came out. It lives up to its non-stick claim 100%.


With each kit containing five NoGoo Non-Stick containers for only $19.99 the price really isn’t too bad. That only comes out to $4.00 per container, well worth the investment to ensure that you get your moneys worth out of your wax. It is also very cost efficient for those people who have a variety of individual strains that they wish to store and color code each individual one.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a very solid product. It delivers on what it promises, comes in a variety of colors, and is easily transported from place to place. We also love the fact that the various colors allows for a great deal of organization when it comes to storing your sticky substances. A product as useful as this deserves nothing less than a 5/5 rating, so it is best to purchase these storage containers to avoid any incidents that may occur due to overly sticky substances.

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